Signed Floral Gilt

Post-War Floral Gilt Ware

The original 1930s shapes of vase and jug were decorated in the early 1950s with very free floral designs with an intricate snaking gilt background. Whether blanks were purchased by a third party or as part of Myott operations is unknown. Strangely - for Myott - these pieces are often signed.

It is interesting to think these patterns were the forerunner of the bold retro floral patterns that were later to arrive on the scene. There is an obvious connection to chintz designs here but the pattern is is less intricate and open.

Note: The pieces below have also been included in the Art Deco catalogue under hand-painted art wares for the benefit of those who collect shape as opposed to pattern or era.

Designs & Painters


P. M. Butterfield Pinch Neck Jug

Pinch Jug
DESCRIPTION: This pinch jug was auctioned on Ebay January 2002. The piece sold for £88 from a seller in Preston, Lancashire who received at least 11 emails from Myott collectors enquiring as to what the piece was exactly. It is 20.5cm (8 inches) tall and is in exceptional condition for this style. There is minimal wear to the gilt on the handle, an area prone to rubbing, and there are no other faults at all.
MARKS: The artist, P. M. Butterfield, decorated the item in 1950, it is marked so on the base in hand-painted text matching the signature which is underlined by dots - click the picture to see larger image. There is an impressed Myott England, impressed batch number 24 and an impressed 'BY'. A 'W' has been incised into the ceramic prior to firing. A very impressive piece with the pink, blue and yellow flowers displaying high quality artwork.


L. Wood P. Doric Jug

Doric Jug
DESCRIPTION: This signed Doric or Lemonade Jug stands 18cm (just over 7 inches) tall. This piece was bought from Ebay in 2002 for £88 and is in very good condition – some wear to gilt on handle and rim.
MARKS: Impressed MYOTT ENGLAND and batch size 24. Signed L. Wood P. in gilt.


S. Johnson Doric Jug with matching Plate

Doric Jug & Plate

DESCRIPTION: Signed Doric or Lemonade jug with matching plate. This duo was bought in 2002 for &88. The jug condition is very good – some wear to gilt on handle and the plate is excellent.
DIMENSIONS: Jug: 18.2cm (just over 7 inches) tall. Plate: 23.3cm (9.25 inches) in diameter.
MARKS: Jug: Impressed MYOTT ENGLAND and batch size 24. Signed S. Johnson. in gilt. Plate: ENGLAND 23, Signed S. Johnson in gilt.
Condition: Jug: Very good – some wear to gilt on handle. Plate: Excellent.

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