Myott Art Deco Ceramics

By far the most popular field of collecting within Myott is the varied output of Art Deco inspired jugs and vases of the 1930’s. These pieces were probably inspired by the great Deco designers of the time such as Clarice Cliff (working for Wilkinsons) and Susie Cooper. The naïve hand-painted nature of the pieces is very typical of Myott design and standard varies considerably between examples, though high quality artwork is preferable. Output of such items was not only limited to jugs and vases, but candle holders, wall pockets, bookends, dressing sets and dinnerware which are all collectable today.

Myott’s colour palette during the Deco years was produced by chemist C.W. Noke and falls in to two main categories: those with an autumnal colour palette and those displaying pastel blues, greens, pinks and mauves. It is often quite difficult to display examples of the two palettes next together as they tend to antagonise the eye somewhat. A number of collectors today are concentrating on the pastels and it is these pieces which are holding their price.

It must have come as a breath of fresh air to the market of the 30’s when these incredible shapes and patterns were launched. Many sacrificed functionality to design and became more decorative items than everyday household ceramics. Bold washes of colour or floral patterns and abstracts were applied to the blanks with many patterns crossing between different shapes across the Myott range. Again some collectors concentrate on pattern over shape or vice versa.

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